Sunday, April 5, 2009

Preaching Style

An interesting style of preaching...

Is it scriptural for a preacher to preach a sermon and never read from the Bible?

Example: Preach about "Adam and Eve" or "Nicodemus and Jesus" and maybe quote some scripture, but never read a scripture.

Is it just a different style of preaching?


Adrian Neal said...

Sure it is scriptural. Noah did it (he didn't have a comleted Bible). The apostles did it. Preaching a text, however, is just the more common way of preaching and can be a strong method of expounding the Word.
Perhaps off-subject, but is God more pleased with alliterated, well-outlined sertmons??
Is He pleased with preachers who continually publish sermon outline books? I guess the motive for doing so is the main issue.
Is it to please God or man?
(Sorry to raise more questions)

Arch Bishop said...

Since a sermon should start from a prayerful study of a scripture text and we do have the BIble KJV, it would be (OK for Jesus to preach anyway He wanted, but we're not Him)a bad habit and frustrating to the congregation. Our peoople expect to hear Bible preaching, and rightly so. "Preach the Word."

JamesCharles said...

What is different between quoting and reading a scripture, assuming you get the quote right? What if you memorize the book of 3 John and quote it aloud. Why do you have to read it from the paper? Is it any less Bible?