Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Revival is going great!

Bro. Glen, missionary from the Philippines, is doing a great job preaching our revival, we are having moves every night and really good attendance, which is something with everyone being so involved in ball games and fishing and camping and work and school and life is so busy!
Having visitors every night has been encouraging.
On another note, Bro. Glen and I unloaded some more supplies at the warehouse today. That is such a blessing of a ministry that Calvary MBC performs for missionaries worldwide. I know Bro. Joseph is going to enjoy pastoring a church that has such an involvment in missions worldwide. It's way more than just writing a check.
Pray for our revival!


JamesCharles said...

Someone said Brother Moody (or Moony) was preaching the revival? Anyway, I should be there tomorrow night.

Adrian Neal said...

Glad to hear it, Bishop Reese.
Hope you stuff some of that revival into your suitcase and bring it to East Texas next week:)

Praying for you & hope to see you a few nights at Ora

RevReese said...

Pray for my health, I am trying to get over a tough head cold and my voice is very rough.

Adrian Neal said...

Just bring your six pack of Nyquil. You'll be fine. I've been in the hospital half the week so I hope to get to hear you a few long as you don't preach too long of course.
BTW, I will pray for you.