Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Great Adventure

Happy Father's Day 2015

It has been a GREAT ADVENTURE being a dad!  And it still is!  It is one of the most challenging things I have ever faced.  How can I be the dad and father and role model that my kids need?

I know one thing, it did not come naturally!  When Taylor came along, June 16, 1992, I had no idea what I was getting into.  Karen had a c-section, so guess who got to change the first poo-poo diaper?
All the while, under the watchful eye and supervision of my wonderful wife, I learned a lot about that first little kid.  I learned that they were not as fragile as I thought they were.  I learned how much sleep one can be deprived of and still function!  I learned that I didn't know ANYTHING!!!

The Power of Influence

My oldest was a girl, but that did not stop me from introducing her to the world of sports.  She is a bundle of energy and can-do spirit.  She has the determination to tackle anything and if she sets her mind to it, she will accomplish her goal!  I am super proud of all that she has done!

I am so thankful for Caleb. He has started his own adventure down the road of gospel music.  He is exploring what God has in store for his life and I know that Caleb will do great things as he follows the Lord!  

Alli has grown to be a beautiful young lady.  I am glad that I was able to be a "Mr. Mom" for her while Karen was working.  She loves smiling and having friends.  She has the most loving and forgiving spirit.  She is awesome!

The real power of influence is that I have had the awesome privilege to lead all three of my children to Jesus!  This is the best influence that I know to be.  I pray that my children always know how much I love them, but most of all I pray they know how much their Heavenly Father loves them.

Love always,

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Homecoming in Louisiana

The Picture above is from Easter 2003

June 7th I had the opportunity to preach at one of my former churches, Central MBC in Pineville, LA.  I was pastor at this fine church from 2000-2005.  It was a great five years.  I still keep in touch with several families and individuals from there.
It was great to see friends, even if they were a little more gray-headed!  I am praying for Nathan  Luellen and his fine family.  He is the current pastor and has been there for 10 years now and is doing a wonderful job!

Here are a few pics from our time there...
This azalea was huge!

Caitlin and Paige

Bill Stalnaker

George Morgan

Ken Gorham

Sis. Doris and Cara and Abigail
Lowell Humphries
Great Fellowship

At Mrs. Betty Cumpton's House

Bogg Springs 2003

Sis. Barbara Pierce

Me paying the price for a great VBS!
Sis. Stacy Caraway with a little energy!

Praying for this fine church!  Thanks for the memories!