Monday, November 24, 2008

Counting Down to Thanksgiving

10. We had a great Turkey service yesterday with a great service, a great sermon, and with great sustenance (fellowship for the rest of you).
9. We had a great Sunday evening Testimonial service with one joining our church and having the privilege of observing the Lord's Supper at the end of our service.
8. Caleb will be the big 11 tomorrow. (He gave his testimony and thanked the Lord for his salvation and his birthday.
7. We are getting closer to having a bathroom again...
6. We will be leaving to go to Texas Wednesday evening to see my family.
5. This will be our first ever Thanksgiving at Golden Corral.
4. Looking forward to seeing Dallas whip up on the Seahawks on Thursday! Remember the priorities (Faith, Family, Food, Football!!!!!!!)
3. I am thankful for having the privilege of pastoring in the Promise Land! (or is it pestering the Promise Land????)
2. I am thankful for having a beautiful wife and two daughters that are growing up too fast and a son that just wants to play...all the time.....!
1. I am thankful for everything God has done for this ole country boy... I don't deserve any of it!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Random Thoughts

Borrowing a title from a sermon from years ago, Michael Wilkes was there, I will begin with some thoughts>"""""""""
Looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas time, it is a time for the four "F's"!
1. Faith
2. Family
3. Food!
4. Football!!

You had better have them in that order! But it is always easy to get your priorities out of order.
Yes, I am following my two other bro-in-law's lead in this "blogging" world and I will hopefully be able to keep up.

Taylor tore it up last night with four "threes" and three other points in leading her Hamburg Lady Lions to victory 34 to 21 over Kilborne, LA.

Caleb and Alli Jo are getting started in Upward Basketball and Cheerleading respectively.
I am trying to get Karen to make up her mind on bathroom fixtures, wall covering etc. as our last bathroom in this parsonage fell in.

The church is doing great, we had one young man saved last Wednesday evening during AWANA. The mission budget keeps expanding and I am excited about the up coming trip to the Philippines. I will get to do some checking on some missionaries and the seminary in Davao.

Teaching at CABBI is going good, ready for the Christmas break. Some of the students are great, some are just downright lazy!

Gotta finish up here and go pick up some parts for the bathroom.

Maybe I'll get better at this blogging as I go along...