Monday, April 20, 2009


I too, like my two bro-in-laws, and many others, have a lot of fond memories of Bro. Wayne Harper and his family. It was 1986 when I started seminary in January that Bro. Wayne and Sis. Lorinda were both going to seminary also. Bro. Wayne and I were both first year students at LMBIS. Sis. Lorinda was the first family in Louisiana to invite me over to their house to eat.
One afternoon, I was able to enjoy a super visit over at their home eating and fellowshiping. Afterwards, Bro. Wayne, who was also an MP on Barksdale Airforce Base, gave me a tour of the base. One of the most impressive things he showed me was the Missile Silos on the base. He said don't go across that patch of grass, you'll never survive. I didn't try it!
Later on in life, I met Karen Wilkes and the Lord said, join Bossier City MBC so you can hang around Karen, so I did. Bro. Wayne and Sis. Lorinda happen to be the some of the youth sponsors of Karen's youth group. It was a great time, looking back in the hey day of Bossier City MBC.
I later on married Karen, of course, and Bro. Wayne Harper and Bro. Roy Chapman were our matching ushers in our wedding. Bro. Wayne was Bro. Roy's associate at the time at Liberty MBC in Shreveport at the time. Sis. Lorinda was the director of our wedding and all three girls, Dannielle, Carrie, and Tami were in our wedding in some fashion (bridesmaids, flower girls etc.)
That was 20 years ago when I married Karen, my how time has flown by! Bro. Wayne is already visiting with Roy and Cloy Chapman and many others.
I am looking forward to seeing my friend and Bro. in Christ again one day. Well I just wanted to jot down a few thoughts before I left for the funeral in Mountain View, AR.
God Bless and pray for a safe journey and pray for the Harper family!

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