Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life just seems to keep getting FASTER!

getting a chance to sit down and write a post. I have had a chance to read some of the posts and comments along the way and everytime I want to type a comment or response, all I have is my little bitty keyboard on my phone and that gets old.
Seems like the same old issues and a few new wrinkles and a little Bible thrown in for good measure.
I'll see what I can do, to stir the pot for entertainment sake:
James (our scholar)--Jesus is coming again! I don't know when!
Arch-- (he plays the piano very well)--Do you ever learn any NEW SONGS for worship?
Mike--(he graduated and he's smart too)--when are you going to write a book?
Adrian--(he's from TEXAS)--go climb a mountain and don't fall!
Tim--(he USED to play ball)--let the kid play!!!
Jason--(the SERMONATOR)--just had to get back to LSU country did you?
Joseph--(my new neighbor)--you owe me a catfish dinner! When we going fishing again?
Bro. T--(he's shy, doesn't use his real name)--the way you measure church growth is: how big is it before and then how big is it after? EASY
Micah--(just how big a boy are ya?)--take care of that family and yes Taylor is still coming over to clean your house!
Joey--(MR. DDT)--My truck, Your Car for pinks.
Round Two:
James--keep singing your songs, and don't worry about the pronouns.
Arch--You always make a suit look good, stay modest (in other words, keep covered up)
Mike--Your Indian ancestry makes you want to cover your hairy legs. Come to the Philippines with me out to the island, wading the four foot surf and then preach in your suit. (I know you would do it, because you are always a man of your word! ) You would have a good time though!!
Adrian--I know your relatives and they don't feed the rats.
Tim--Take a Sunday off and your and your wife GET AWAY and go to a ball game. It's OK!
Jason--the Sermonator ate a Baconator--is that alliteration? You preach so loud, I can hear you here in Arkansas.
Joseph--you pastor a LOT of preachers, (do you tag-team)
Bro. T--I'll be praying for you during the revival.
Micah--are you there????????
Joey--do you ever roll your eyes? Congrats also for graduating.


If I left anyone out, I'm sorry. Getting ready for a horribly busy summer.
Youth Retreat this week-end.
Helping Taylor pack for Girls State.
Helping her read all of the "Federalist Papers" and understand why they were need to help ratify the constitution.
Building stuff for VBS in June.
Two remodeling projects going on at church right now.
ABA in late June --see you there!!!
Getting Taylor ready to go to Washington D.C. for her two-week summer course in History and Civics (she will be flying on a Sunday, Oh No! She will lose her salvation and burn forever in Hell!! :-)
Teen Camp at Bogg Springs in July
A week off
Regular Church camp at Bogg Springs (pray for me as I will be preaching all the morning services and teaching the College kids) Pray for the salvation of the young people who need Jesus!!
The following week getting ready for the Rapture (oh no! that would be pre-trip) sorry, my bad! He's coming a little later! Well when He does come! I'll be ready for sure!


Adrian Neal said...

What a post....
for once in my life, I am speechless. (not really)
I'm not worried about falling off mountains, it's the landing part that will kill ya!
I think you pretty much covered the bases with everybody!

Arch Bishop said...

Through it all, its some great cyber fellowship. Thanks for the kind words. BTW, have you played any golf lately? HOw do you measure your handicap (I hope not like Bill Clinton!)

Jason said...

Here is my new blog address

the sermons will be flowing again starting next week...this Sunday's message will feature back door alliteration...I think you will enjoy reading about the first Vacation Bible School.

Adrian Neal said...


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Brother Joseph said...

Well let me know when we can go. I'm always willing to catch just one more fish. O ya the fish dinner is coming. Every time I call you are to busy.:) And yes Mike would be in his suits preaching with power the Word of God.:)

bromicah@cbc said...

Man I have been off of here for a year! Never fear, big boy is here. I'm back in action. Stirring the stink as always.

I am still laughing at the fact that you asked Bro. Grappe if he rolled his eyes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Have a good one. I know I'm late on replying but oh well. I'm here now.