Saturday, May 23, 2015

I Have Done Wrong

Graduates for 2015

I was so excited about the successes and accomplishments of our graduates this year.  The service was great.  The slideshow went well.  The highlight of the day, had to have been Robing's special.  He sang "My Lighthouse."  If you would like to hear it, check out our YouTube channel.  The audio turned out great. 
If you have not heard about Robing, he is our Chinese foreign exchange student that has been with us since August 11th 2014.  He came to the United States having never flown anywhere and with very limited English skills.
I tried countless times to share the Gospel with him, but just left it between him and the Holy Spirit.  Finally on March 30th, after a revival service with Bro. Micah Carter as the evangelist, Robing accepted Christ as his savior!  
It was one of the most amazing conversions that I have ever had the privilege to witness.  The most amazing statement during the conversation was after Robing watched a witnessing video that I found on YouTube.  It had Chinese subtitles and was very fast-paced with a "Way of the Master" style of explanation.   Robing was sitting there quietly, with his head bowed, looking at his lap.  Micah Carter asked him, "Robing, what are you thinking?"  Robing said, "I have done wrong."  I knew then that he realized that he was a sinner! 
He asked if he could pray in Chinese.  I said, "absolutely!"  He asked, "What are the words?"  I said there are no certain words, knowing he was thinking of ritualistic prayers that he may have heard in the Buddhist temple or something similar.  
He began to pray and prayed and wept!  When he was done, he looked at Micah and said, "I am now your brother!"
Promise Land baptized him 3 weeks later.  Pray for him as he heads back to China.