Friday, May 29, 2015

Don't Be Shy

I got an email from Robing, he made it safe back to China.  We will be praying for him and I have been specifically praying that God will connect him with another Christian there in China to help him in his journey.
This last Sunday was his last Sunday with us.  I developed the title and thoughts of the message from a conversation that we had after he was saved.  I was going over some biblical principles with him, telling him about security of the believer and baptism and evangelism etc.
I was trying to encourage him to tell others about his decision and let him read Romans 1:16 and Romans 10:11 in Chinese.  I asked him to tell me what those verses were saying.  His reply was quick and to the point!  He said, "Don't be shy!"  I said, "That is an awesome description!"
I used his description of Romans 1:16 as the title for last Sunday's message.

Continue to lift Robing up in prayer!

Welcome to our Services
May 24th 2015

Matthew 10:27

Introduction:   the story behind the quote.
Our church—to help move people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ

I.                   SPEAK UP—VS. 27
A.    An opportunity—be a light
B.     Upon the housetop—be bold

II.                DEALING WITH FEAR—VS. 28-31
A.    Have courage
1.      We don’t answer to men, but God.
2.      Joshua 1:7-9
B.     Don’t worry—He promises to be there!

III.             DON’T BE SHY!—VS. 32-33
A.    Romans 1:16
B.     Boldness comes from the Holy Spirit
1.      Acts 13:46
2.      Philippians 1:14-21

IV.             PRIORITIES—VS. 34-39
A.    Often misunderstood passage
B.     Being a Christian around your family is often a challenge, but a needed one!
C.     Throughout the Bible, following Jesus is a public decision—vs. 37-38
1.      Take up your cross before others!

2.      Be bold!

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