Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Running Naked in the Graveyard"

I don't know where I heard this title, but I actually used it, when I was preaching a series through the book of Mark.
Mark 5:1-20

I remember one year when Bro. Don had an archaeologist visit one day in seminary and he was sharing how archeology and the Bible go together and this was one of his examples.
In many archeology digs, they would find the remains of these individuals bound in tombs and they (the archaeologists) could not figure out the source of the belief. The belief in their findings was that the people in Jesus' day thought that the tombs had healing properties.
A saved archaeologist finally put this belief together with the scripture over in II Kings 13:20-21
Because of a dead man coming back to life, when it touched the bones of Elisha, people started believing that tombs had healing properties.
Therefore, the mentally ill (or demon possessed in the case above) were put into and even bound in the tombs.

Most may have already known this, but is still very interesting to me.


Adrian Neal said...

#2 "God Created Sex And It Is Good"

This sermon was preached by the late Travis Case of Irving, Texas.
It can be read at

If I preached this sermon, I would be the late Adrian Neal. My wife would see to that!

The Prophet said...


"Dear is in the eyes of the Lord's death his saints." (Psalm 116.15)

In recent days, sad news reached the United States and Germany.
In an action of barbarism, a man went to a Baptist church in Marevellous, Illinois, and began firing at the pastor who was preaching in the cult, killing him and wounding two people. The murderer was arrested by the parishioners who were able to reduce it.
Almost a few days later there was another barbarism in Alabama. A man murderer among relatives of 10 people, men, women and children, made a tour of several sites, after being cornered by police, he committed suicide.
But barbarism also transcend borders. In Germany, a couple of 17 years, emulating other suicide Americans entered the armed institute where I studied and killed 13 students among them teachers, in their flight killed two more people, then engage in shootout with police youth suicide was shot in the head.
These facts, which are not the only ones that occur in the United States or Europe, seem to indicate that there is a culture of murder among the people of the northern hemisphere.
On August 12, 2007 in Neosho, Missouri, a man killed a pastor and two worshipers in the cult. There is a history of mass killings of students in Finland in 2008 and Canada in 2006.
Given these facts, the U.S. government, and evangelical churches have done nothing to achieve reverse this situation, which has been happening since long atrás.
I am Christian and express my indignation and my anger against the American evangelical churches that are enclosed in their spiritual bubbles do not realize the harsh reality is happening around them.
How many more must die pastors to the churches just do something to prevent these deaths? How many young students and children have to die to protect the churches decide deranged people?
The Christian life consists not only make social life, and walks. The Christian life is to do something for our society that is crumbling.
Work is not only the state and its institutions to ensure the safety of society, work is also of the church. If that does not understand the American church then they are at the bottom of the sea to fish and evangelicen. Genuine Christians, perhaps in another country, take charge of evangelizing American society.
Why do not intend to make the church a community united in its campaign to disarm the families who have guns?
Why not start with themselves Christians kept their weapons? For a Christian who wants a gun? To remove the evil spirits?
Do not be surprised if this church worsen with the passage of days.
Still time to prevent future massacres.
Do not make the blood of those holy brethren who gave their lives for the church has been spilled in vain

RevReese said...

Dear Bro. Luis Delgado
(other wise known as the prophet)
Thanks for your concern and prayers for our country and our spiritual condition. Your post on the other hand had nothing to do with the subject matter at hand.
I and every pastor that I am associated with has a great deal of concern with the spiritual well-being of our nation.
As to the comments about guns, I have a gun and I CARRY IT WITH ME.
The law of our land provides me with the priviledge. We have the second ammendment to our constitution and I have a legal permit to carry one, even in the pulpit if I so desire.
I know you probably don't understand this part of our culture, but guns have never killed anyone. People kill people! And it is the job of all Christians in this country to witness and share Jesus with all of the ones who do not believe this and have a desire to kill or hurt others.
Back to the subject at hand,
if "the prophet" has any funny sermon titles, please leave them in the comment box!
Thanks and God bless and pass the ammunition!

Adrian Neal said...

#3 The Day God Hung A Hippie"

Supposedly preached about David's son, Absalom.

Somebody else contribute funny sermon title #4....

Big J said...

"When Your In the Slop, the Saviour Has a Mop"

The Prodigal Son

Adrian Neal said...

"God Loves FAT People"
I. Faithful
II. Available

Preached by a black preacher I know in Lufkin, TX

BroT said...

"If You Are Happy and You Know It Say Amen."

Psa 51:12 Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit.

Bro. T haas found the Promise Land.

Adrian Neal said...

Michael, wasn't there a sermon that someone preached about Baalim and the donkey...let's see now, what was it called? (I remember the word dumb being in the title but...I don't know???)

Arch Bishop said...

I preached a sermon titled The 4 Nones from Rom. 3.

Arch Bishop said...

One sermon title was The Miracle of the 8 Hour Bladders.