Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Stuff

Since I have already had a blog titled Random Thoughts, I had to go with "Random Stuff."

Following the lead of Big J and Bro. Adrian, I will give this random list thing about yourself a try.

1. God has blessed me with a wonderful family and I love them very much!
2. I love to preach God's Word...pastoring people is harder work than most think.
3. My favorite memories preaching are at church camp and all the different places that I preached before I started pastoring.
4. My son is my younger twin.
5. My oldest daughter has my athletic ability (because I don't have it anymore) and her mother's OCD about cleaning.
6. My youngest daughter already has the ability to lead this nation! She literally runs the entire third grade at her Elementary school.
7. My wife, besides being the love of my life, holds our entire family together. I know this, because when she is sick or gone somewhere, everything falls apart and Alli Jo is organizing and Taylor is cleaning and Caleb and I are just sitting there with blank stares!
8. In High School I was a three year-lettermen in Basketball and a two-year lettermen in Track.
9. Academically I was ranked 9th in a graduating class of 61. Grade avg. 91.2
10. I surrendered to preach at Highway MBC in Huntington, TX (where Bro. Lamar Denby is still pastoring) in Feb. 17th 1985.
11. My first official position in the ministry was Associate Pastor and Youth Director under David McCormick at Vidalia MBC in June 1986.
12. I have pastored New Ramah MBC in Castor, LA (Dec. 87--June 90); Hope MBC in Heflin, LA (June 90--Aug. 92); First Baptist in Wells, TX (Nov. 92--Aug. 2000); Central MBC in Pineville, LA (Aug. 2000--March 2005); Promise Land MBC in Hamburg, AR (March 2005--to present).
13. I cannot run without severe pain in my knees.
14. I can still beat Taylor in a game of "HORSE" (one out of four times!!!)
15. Karen and I were married on August the 4th 1989.
16. Our entire twenty years of marriage we have only lived in parsonages.
17. I hope to one day have a place of our own!
18. I enjoy teaching at C.A.B.B.I. (Central Arkansas Baptist Bible Institute) one of our ABA seminaries in Benton, AR.
19. My favorite seminary memories, though, are during my time at L.M.B.I.S. (Louisiana Missionary Baptist Seminary) during the 86-89 school years, back during the days of Roy and Cloy Chapman, C. Forrest Shook, Wayne Watson, Julius Carter etc.
20. Right now, my favorite recreation is crappie fishing in my awesome boat (which I bought from my Bro-in-Law--thanks Mike!!--it is still running great!)
21. And I may be from Texas, but I am not exaggerating about this, my deacons told me (all eight of them) that I need to be using my boat at least twice a week! No wonder they call this the Promise Land!
22. Everytime I kill a deer during deer season, one of my church members processes the deer for free!
23. Back to my family--I always enjoy getting together with my Mike and Jason and their families. (I miss Nana!) I've never laughed so hard as this past Christmas (Kim has an album on her Facebook page of Big J doin his thing!)
24. I am so thankful for the opportunities that God has given me through his churches to visit missionaries and preach in other countries. ( I have been able to preach in Old Mexico, Romania, Moldova, Russia, Israel, and in the Philippines).
25. I can't believe my daughter will be graduating High School next year.
26. Even this morning we had a family circle of prayer before leaving for school, something that we have done since she was in Pre-Kindergarten (I guess that is about 13 years straight). Our kids just circle up every morning, we hardly ever have to call them for this time of our morning. It has been a blessing!
27. If my life were to end this year, I know that I could have done things better, but my heart could not be anymore full with the blessings that God has given me.
28. Until then, I will keep doing my favorite thing in the world...preaching the Word of God!


Adrian Neal said...

Thanks for sharing. Michael,
I hereby request that a future post of yours be funny sermon titles. I know you have some classics, but don't share all at once. Just get the ball rolling and let's see what happens.

Arch Bishop said...

Bro. Michael, I remember that week of revival at Central and your family circling to pray every morning made quite an impact on me. I have mentioned it sermons from time to time. It's great to know you're still doing it. Your kids were very young then - how the years have flown by.