Friday, January 2, 2009

A Look Forward in Time in 2009 !!

These are not resolutions, but probable hopes and probable mishaps:

1. I will lose 25 pounds, but probably will find it again.

2. I will get more gray hair and my Bro-in-laws will get less hair.

3. I will write my congressman, because my checking account needs a bail-out.

4. I will be too busy this Spring (going to the Philippines and preaching revivals) and I will use it as an excuse to not finish my thesis.

5. I will enjoy more time fishing than I did last year (maybe this is the reason I will not finish my thesis)!

6. President Obama will find out that the job is harder than he thought.

7. Our nation will slide even closer to Socialism, but if we are going to spread the wealth around, can everyone get a new Chevy truck?

8. Did I mention that my checkbook needs a bail-out?!

9. That Jesus will come back in 2009, of course that would mean that Jesus is a "Pre-triber" and we know that is not the case!

10. On a serious note, I do know that Jesus is coming again and I don't care when it is, but the sooner the better.

Have a Happy New Year and may God Bless You and Your Family!


abainfrance said...

Hey Michael, You could add to number 4 to stop by and see a missionary in France on your way to the Philippines. God bless and bon courage!

Anonymous said...

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