Thursday, February 26, 2009

Philippines Trip

Had the great privilege to represent Promise Land MBC on a trip to the Philippines recently. Bro. Bobby Shockly and I went to check on three mission points that we support in and around Davao, Philippines.

We support Philippines Missionary Baptist Seminary in Davao.

I was very impressed with the seminary and it's faculty. They have a dress code and everyone participates in the Seminary Choir. I sat in on several classes, especially the Greek classes. I was interested to find out the Greek instructor uses the same textbook I use at Central Arkansas Baptist Bible Institute (Summer's--Essentials to New Testament Greek). I let him know about a workbook that goes along with the textbook. The facilities to the seminary are fantastic and second to none, even compared to any seminary facilities here in the U.S.A.

We also checked on our missionary, Bro. Ruvel Albino. He is on staff at the Seminary and his wife is a secretary at the seminary and the mission/church is on Samal Island in the Gulf of Davao. In order for Bro. Bobby and I to go to church that Sunday morning, we had to get in a taxi from the seminary to the port. Get on a bus to get on the ferry to cross the Gulf to get to the Island of Samal. Then we hopped on a motorcycle/taxi (30 pesos= 75 cents) then he brought us to the church. What a great day this was! Four saved! Bro. Ruvel is a very hard working missionary and our church is excited to be able to help this young man and his family as he serves the Lord!

We also checked on our largest financial mission point that our church support which is RIM.

Remote Island Ministries.

Bro. Glen Knight is the director of this ministry. He is sponsored by Victory MBC in Sherwood, AR.

This is an amazing ministry! Starting Churches along with humanitarian aid to the very impoverished islands surrounding the Philippines. The cream of the crop graduating students are pastoring these churches that are started on these remote islands.

I was able to help pour a concrete slab in a Bario Chapel (basically a large hut) and do a survey in the village of Lanca on the Cape of San Augustin. Lanca was an upscale village, because they had electricity. This means they had a light dangling by a wire in their hut.

There are a lot of stories that I could share:

The two fisherman we found who were lost at sea for two months, we helped return them home.

The deaf mute we brought on board and tried to witness to through drawings.

My first time to ride a motorcycle...with five people on it!

Loved the trip... Hated the long flight!

God Bless,


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